What's TWISTI?

What's TWISTI?



Stop worrying about Smell! Prevent odor transfer!

Made of newly developed material that of course does not let the smell leak
outside but also does not let it inside because of it's double-way smell proof feature.
You can also prevent odor transfer by using the bag.
Now, you don’t need to worry about smells in your daily life!!

The graph shows the concentration of odor leaked from the bag as a percentage compared to the concentration of odor gas as a standard.
The odor concentration is converted to the measured odor index equivalent value,
and does not represent the odor intensity that people directly felt.
* Odor gas: 10 times diluted gas of simulated excretory odor specified in ISO 17299 Part 5
(Ground) Osaka Prefecture Research Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Reception number 2015 20-00011

TWIST-LOCK Function!!

The bag is made of new material, so pinch the mouth of the bag and twist it several times.
It will tighten. It is a bag that easily prevents odors quickly, with minimum effort.

※ Caution !
Twist the clear part of the bag from the top.
Designed and colored portion of this bag, have weak twisting power.

How to use TWISTI?


put foul-smelling substance inside the bag


Twist it from the transparent part on the top.
Concentrate on one point while twisting


It will stop with a twist. The smell does not leak and can be used repeatedly.


Unlike other similar "use & through" products in the market, with conventional tie on mouth function, TWISTI with it's TWIST-LOCK function, made is easy for OPEN & CLOSE and use several times. This function make is economical for your pocket and generate less waste which is also good for enviornment.

Conforms to the "Standards of food & additives" defined under the Food Sanitation Law
(Applicable under Ministry of Health and Welfare notification No. 370)


No chemical material or chemical coating it used to add deodorent function in it.
The special material itself has ability to seal any type of smell.
It is harmless for Human Body and Enviornmetally friendly.
Not only does it prevents all types of ODOR, but it also seals in GERMS and BACTERIAS.
Reliable JAPAN Quality ! Made in Japan !

It is ECO-friendly item. Does not omit any harmful gases, such as Dioxin, at the time of combustion.
It can be disposed of along with the trash inside together with other waste.

※ Please dispose according to the rules and regulations of your local government.