Scene こんな場面に


においのこんなこ悩みでお困りではありませんか? においのこんなこ悩みでお困りではありませんか?

  • case01 外出先で困ってしまう使用済みおむつの処理。バッグに入れて持ち歩いていると、においが漏れているような…
  • case02 気温が高くなると、キッチンの生ごみがにおう…簡単に生ごみの消臭対策できないかな…
  • case03 においの強い食品を冷蔵庫に入れると冷蔵庫全体が臭くなっちゃう…食品ににおいが移ってしまっておいしくない…
  • case04 わんちゃん・ねこちゃんのペット シート、お散歩、ペットフードのにおいが気になる…

If you are having trouble with such smells,
TWISTI can help you at various scenes of your daily life!
Here are some examples of usage from our customers real daily life.

case01 with smell from used baby diapers
							case01 におい移りの気になる食品に

"TWISTI", with it's powerful ability to prevent smell with only 1 bag, there is no need to fold over and over. The smell does not transfer in the bag that contains the diaper, and does not let smell leak outside, which helps you stop worrying about your surroundings. Since you just need to twist the mouth of the bag, you can easily do it even you are hand full with your baby.

case02 with smell from your kitchen wastecase02 生ごみの処理に

When the temperature rises, the smell of raw garbage from your kitchen felt strongly.
Even if you put it in the ordinary disposal bag, the smell will be disturbing if you left it as it is.
Let TWISTI help you in your kitchen waste management.
There is no need to tie the mouth of the bag. Its TWIST-LOCK Function helps you to add daily waste when needed.
You can use it repeatedly until the garbage collection day with one bag!
Since there is no omission of smell, even insects will not come close to it!

case03 with transfer of smell from Food storagecase03 使用済みのおむつの処理に

TWISTI can also be used for storage of food with strong smell.
Smell from Foods and foodstuffs with strong odor,
can not completely prevent with ordinary plastic storage bags. You might have experienced awful smell coming from your refrigerator.
Just put the food and ingredients in TWISTI and twist.
Can be used in Fridge and Freezers.

case04 with smell from your Pet wastecase04 ワンちゃん・ネコちゃん用

You can use it for the treatment of your Pet's waste,
not only at home but also while walking outside.
Even if you keep the waste bag in the room until garbage collection day, it will not bother you at all!
You can also use it to prevent the smell from pet food.

You can also use it !!その他にも、こんな場面にも!

  • at Nursing Care Facilities
  • Leisure
  • in Emergency and Natural Disasters
  • to avoid buzz and bugs
  • in business trips and traveling
  • to wrap gifts and novelties

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