• Can we use TWISTI in Microwave Oven?

    TWISTI cannot be used in Microwave Oven and other Heat appliances.
  • Can we put boiling water inside?

    We do not recommend it's use with boiling water.
  • Can we keep this in Freezer?

    TWISTI can resist up to -50 ℃ and can be used in freezer.
    However, be careful about the items which could get sharp adges after freezing. Could damage the bag.
  • Can we put liquid substance in it?

    It is not appropriate to use liquid items with TWISTI.
  • Can we put Food inside?

    TWISTI complies with the standards of the "Standards of food & additives"
    defined under the Food Sanitation Law in Japan.
    Can be used to store food items.
  • How can we dispose it?

    TWISTI does not omit any harmful gases, such as Dioxin, at the time of combustion.
    You can dispose it together with other garbage.
    ※ Please dispose according to the rules and regulations of your local government.
  • It seems smell is leaking from it……?

    TWISTI has very powerful deodorant function. However,
    if the bag is not properly closed by TWIST-LOCK,
    or under some extreme situations, it could happen.
  • What are the precautions for use?

    • Do not twist except that of transparent part.
    • Do not flush in the toilet.
    • Do not use in high heat appliances such as oven or microwave.
    • Do not place near heat or heat sources, places that become hot.
    • Do not use for items with sharp edges, may break the bag.
    • Keep away from babies, children and pets.
      (There is a danger of wearing a bag and suffocating.)